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The Integrated Solution for Managing Your Media Property Newspaper’s Sales, Advertisers, Production, Billing, Website, Digital Advertising and More

Why Choose AccountScout?

Advanced CRM Tools

AccountScout provides powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help you manage your sales team and increase revenue. With AccountScout, you can track leads, manage contacts, create contracts, and close deals more efficiently, saving your team valuable time and resources.

Market to Self Promote

Prospects and advertisers both need to know the value you bring, exposing them to your readers. Integrate campaigns within AccountScout, extends your outreach.

Streamline Advertiser Management

AccountScout simplifies the process of managing advertisers and ad campaigns. Our software provides a comprehensive solution for managing ad inventory, scheduling campaigns to promote yourself to your advertisers, and optimizing ad performance, helping you maximize your revenue streams.

Automated Production Workflows

AccountScout streamlines your production process with automated workflows, eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual tasks. With AccountScout, you can manage your editorial calendar, collaborate with your team, and automate your production processes, improving your overall efficiency and reducing errors.

Everything you need
all in one place

Empower each department of your company with unified communications to increase output. 


Mid-Atlantic Media uses Fake Brains' AccountScout for its portfolio of publications. We were effectively able to consolidate our sales, layout, receivables and CRM functions into AccountScout affordably. It's a big deal considering we're running more than a dozen publication titles and over 50 employees through it.


Fake Brains has surpassed all the other we have worked with, as their team understands the meaning of partnership, and their products deliver at speed for a price that makes the others seemingly laughable.


I only use AccountScout Mobile App. I don't have time to go into the office. I drive 1000 miles a week, I use it everyday. It's Fake Brains at your fingertips.

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