Classified Ad Management

Design stunning ads that flow into any classification. Our PDF Ad Builder keeps the feel of a word processing designer, with the powerful ability to create a print ready ad.

Handle ads once, for both print and online.

Flow page ready classifieds into InDesign or Quark immediately prior to deadline and output an HTML/CSS classified web site to embed within your main site.

Offload graphic design work for your classified ads.

Edit classified ads directly in our PDF Builder. Create and save templates for common ad types

Generate Legal Affidavits

Filter by date range, advertiser type, and any of our other filters and we’ll generate all of the legal affidavits for you. Create your own affidavit templates. As many as you need.

with Efficiency in Mind

  • Multi-task by opening multiple orders and advertisers across all of your monitors. Rearrange the order entry screen to match the way you work.
  • Type the ad text, format it, and arrange images in a WYSIWYG, editable pane.
  • Quickly schedule runs for virtually any issue date in any publication using a wizard or calendar. Rerun an ad with a simple click, without creating a new order. 
  • Process credit card, and cash payments without leaving the order screen.
  • Quickly locate orders by searching on the ad text.

Increase Sales

Increase revenue by reselling expiring ads. Because the time to typeset your classified section has been dramatically reduced, you can extend your classified ad deadline.

Increase revenue selling images for real estate, auto, and any other ad. Up sell word ads with borders, highlights, colors, headline fonts, and other eye catchers.

Online Integration

Create an entire classified web site that can easily be embedded into your main site. Import and export classifieds from and to popular third party classified sites.

Integrate an order system and retrieval system with the live AccountScout database. An AccountScout web service is available for the custom integration of an online order entry and retrieval system.

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give your sales team all the tools they need

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