Manage leads, advertisers, and your team's daily operations.

Simplify your team’s operation by having one software for all your departments.

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Where All of Your Management Comes Together

With Fake Brains, we help your team grow traffic, convert leads, streamline ordering, invoice, receive payments, and communicate with design. Your team’s daily tasks are simple inside AccountScout.

Work more collaboratively.

AccountScout consolidates your operations to help your team communicate in one spot. When an order is created, every department is updated.

Get more done.

Organize, schedule and handle all your tasks and daily activities inside AccountScout. Streamline your repeatable tasks to accomplish more everyday. 

Work with any team.

Management, sales, production, and accounting are always updated automatically. Your entire team uses AccountScout with ease.

Permit information.

Choose what information is private or public in your organization. Flexible to fit your company needs.

Built in automations.

Let AccountScout simplify and automate the repeatable work. Streamline communications between all your departments.

Personal emails and storage.

Every team member can create, store, and email documents. Use templates to help build emails faster than ever. 

Increase your lead generation and closure rate.

Control your entire sales funnel. Identify prospects, nurture clients, and re-sell past advertisers from one software. Turn leads into customers with less effort.

Increase efficiency by providing access to information across all your teams.

Access one of hundreds of reports to understand key metrics of your business. Increase profit margin by having data-driven decisions. 

Flexible billing to automate the heavy-lifting.

Expedite your invoicing and billing process. Insert rate cards to account for all your types of billing. Give your accounting team another reason to love you.

Send proofs to production with ease.

Communicate with your production team having automated specs and content, when the order is placed. Seamlessly notify your client when the proof is ready for approval. 

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