Engage digital readership using Foundry

Manage your reader platform from anywhere. A pleasure to Read and simple to Publish from ANY device.

Anvil on the go


Anvil makes it slick for journalists to rapidly edit and publish stories, video and picture on the fly.  Fast and responsive, readers immediately engage in content. Content is King!

Subscriber captures reader data and information, providing you the ability to market these readers! Whether your reader prefers to consume your products via digital or print, this single tool delivers the content they need, how they want.

Audience provides your media company the insight to your reader engagement, supplying the journalists and managers trends and tools, to learn what converts your readers into paid subscribers.

Constructor is the self-service platform for readers to place classified advertising, tightly integrated with AccountScout results in hands free deadline management.

All devices on Foundry

Foundry CMS Increases Readership for Any Media Company

Increase readership with an incredible user experience that has infinite scrolling on any device.  Infinite.   Pages load fast, videos stream quickly.  Readers have access anywhere on the go; from the phone, laptop or desktop, no matter which platform. 

Reduce ad blindness and increase ad awareness using Anvil CMS while easily keeping track of all orders through the AccountScout Constructor Web integration solution.

For your reporters in the field, or while you’re out of the office, Anvil CMS allows you to build and manage any content – including advertising – from anywhere to any device.

Whether delivered to the mobile, laptop, or doorstep, you are sure to grab their readership attention with your variety of Subscriber programs available.

Anvil CMS Boosts Revenue while providing Advertisers Viewer Results

Infinite Scrolling equates to more advertising being viewed by the readers which provides better results for the advertisers!  Whether pre, mid and/or post roll, there is ad revenue opportunity with easy to embed ads within video!  Provide Rich Media Ads through a variety of methods; independent clickable wallpaper, interstitial ads, and sliding billboards, to name a few.  Include Ask the Expert and a Local Business Directory to attract reader engagement.  Create virtual events, attracting reader involvement.

Anvil CMS is Simple for Journalists

Stories and events don’t occur when you’re at the luxury of your desk.  Develop from ANY device to publish to ANY device!

Whether the journalist is on staff or contracted, Anvil CMS makes it easy to write, edit and publish content.  Engaging user dashboard and moderator notifications help to manage it all.  Easy to announce breaking news events and alerts keeps readers active within your site.  Providing new content is simple to post multiple images, create ad galleries, and video.


Manage BOTH digital and print subscriptions within Foundry using Subscribe.  

Attract readers by offering flexible packages, across multiple publications, and print schedule.   Simplify inside operations with one tool tracking all subscriptions.


Superior integrated analytics helps your media company be responsive to both advertiser and reader.  Analyze using Audience to learn which is the best content that  drives traffic to your site, converting readers into viewers. 

Robust Accounts Receivable
to boost your Success

AccountScout has the accounts receivable power and flexibility required of the most demanding companies, while keeping things simple for those without an accounting background.


Flexible for Your Team

Undo Invoice Batches, go back, or lock billing cycles to make sure you have complete control over every bill.

Automate Communication

Automatically pull in new orders when new sales occur. Simplify your process by automating the repeatable work.

Bill Anything

Classified, legals, etc. Whatever your reps sell, you can bill. Setup your company rate cards to make your next billing cycle effortless.

Get Paid Faster

Send statements, emails, and charge cards when due.

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