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Create profitable marketing campaigns to bring value to prospects and customers with AccountScout.

Target, Implement, and Refine.

Grow your awareness, increase leads, and tell your story with AccountScout’s tools built for Newspapers and Media Companies.

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Attract, engage, and delight.

Track your prospects in AccountScout. 

Add advertiser and contacts to Mailchimp campaigns directly from AccountScout. Simply add advertisers to campaigns by referencing the integrated ad history spent within AccountScout, be it within special sections or regular advertising during a date range. Seamlessly add advertisers by their main industry category in order to gain momentum and interest for your focused promotions.

Target prospects and see the results of which prospects in AccountScout clicked or opened your emails.

Create activities in AccountScout for your sales reps to give a call to anyone who clicked or opened the email from the campaign. These activities can even be seen in the field using the AccountScout Mobile app – telling your sales reps right away whether or not a prospect has shown interest in one of your email campaigns.

Personal and mass email tracking.

Use data to find valuable leads, and set smart follow-ups.

Marketing for Newspapers and Media Companies

With AccountScout, we help your company attract more leads, drive traffic to clickable websites, and follow-up on your highest valued prospects.

Tell your brand story.


Create documents, emails, templates, and spec ads all inside AccountScout.


Track opens, clicks, tasks, documents, and data about your entire operation.


Store emails, documents, and data to make better marketing decisions.

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