Making sales more efficient.

Accelerate growth by connecting sales, marketing, billing, and production in one easy-to-use platform available at your fingertips.

More Sales. Less work.

Get more leads, manage your funnel and close more deals all in one place. CRM for Newspapers and Media Companies.

Why do people love AccountScout?


Manage your leads, advertisers, and daily tasks with a CRM built for YOU.

Manage every lead, client, and project with AccountScout’s CRM built for Newspaper and Media Companies. Set automatic follow-ups and reminders to stay ahead of every sales conversation.

Make changes to activities and contacts on the go.

Start every day with a summary of what’s coming up and make changes to deals, activities and contacts on the go.

Finally, a CRM built for Newspapers and Media Companies

With AccountScout, we’ll help your team get more leads, convert more sales, track daily activities, and communicate with your billing and design team. Give your sales team a tool built to save them hours every day. 

Identify More Leads and Close More Deals

Use reports and CRM tools, designed specifically for newspapers and media companies.

  • Resell clients before the last run of their order.
  • Identify expired clients.
  • Find high valued leads.

Use AccountScout Integrations and your advertisers data to market.

  • Send mass emails to advertisers.
  • Turn cold leads into warm leads.
  • Upsell pre-existing advertisers.

Use customization and templates to reach more advertisers and prospects with a personal touch.

  • Personalize and streamline communication.
  • Review images of prior ads on mobile.
  • Manage your pipeline on the go.
  • Schedule follow-up and reminder automations.

Use activity manager, Store ‘N Send, and your personal touch to increase the efficiency of managing your prospects.

  • Send personalized emails from templates.
  • Track open/clicks for ALL emails.
  • Instantly attach price quotes or documents.
  • Share with team.

AccountScout Automatically…


Communicates With Design Team

Setup automatic emails to simplify communications with your design department. Upload specs and download proofs, which can immediately be sent to the advertiser for approval, which can immediately be sent to the advertiser or sales rep for approval.

Sends to Billing Team

As soon as the order is generated, the billing team is notified. Invoice orders faster than ever.

Creates Reports

Hundreds of reports are generated from all order entries. Learn about reps, advertisers, ad specs, rates, price per inch, etc. Learn everything about your orders and reps.

Tracks Data

Advertiser and reps history is documented forever. Email, reports, activities are tracked to help you pull up any data from any device. Email, reports, and activities are tracked.