Retail Ad Management

Save time billing and managing customer advertising. 

Your customer information is available for immediate billing, invoicing, sales commissions, contracts, manifests and sales analysis reports.

Coordinate Your Newspaper Team
Coordinate Your Team
Sales reps may enter their own ads with permissions to restrict rate overrides and access to other areas of AccountScout.
Create Price Quotes with Ease
  • Sales reps can easily create their own price quotes with protected rates.
  • Email price quotes to the prospect with templates in no time.
  • Instantly convert the quote to an order with a single click.
Create Newspaper Price Quotes

Store Camera Ready Ads

Camera ready ads are visible on the order screen reducing the time necessary to research a customer prior to making a sales call. Email a low resolution copy of the ad to the advertiser for proofing. Generate an insertion order showing the file name and path for the camera ready ad.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule all of your publications within a single order. Easily pick up an existing order to rebook an ad. Schedule runs well into the future.

Identify Dormant Advertisers

View the Dormant Advertiser report to identify advertisers that need to be re-sold! Each sales rep can monitor this report for their own advertisers. Management can monitor advertiser retention.

Monitor Recruited Advertisers

View the Recruited Advertiser report to monitor sales to new advertisers. Set sales goals for bringing in new advertisers.


  • Flow display ads into an InDesign/Quark bridge document to reduce production time.
  • Identify ads in need of a camera ready graphic file.

  • Detailed manifests show all ads scheduled to run in an issue, with sizes, and the path to the camera ready file.

  • Automate the layout of the paper by exporting an electronic list of display ads for import into third party pagination products.

  • When production completes an ad, the image will appear on the order screen.

  • Print detailed insertion orders for new ads to improve communication with the production department and reduce mistakes between sales, accounting, and production.

  • Improve communication by entering special ad instructions with the order.

  • Provide the production department with early listings of upcoming ads.

  • Maximize sold page space pre-deadline to improve the bottom line.


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