With PageScout integrated within AccountScout, it is too easy to bring your pages to life!

Use the advanced Paginate Button to automate your ad layout to your advertising percentages, preset to section locations. 

And forever flexible, tweakable if needed.


The first time I paginated with PageScout it was too easy. I thought that I must have done something wrong


Using the page layout tool within AccountScout, I estimate that my production and newsroom teams alone have saved over seven hours weekly from dummying our five publications..

See Your Ads Within Their Pages, Pre-Deadline.

Create unlimited Templates to pre-plan your page layouts. Cater to specialty products and supplements, as well as, your normal titles. You can even save page Plans while working on a Product or deadline. Share your layouts with the team, showing the actual ad that is running in the edition. Use PageScout to preview or share pdf’s of the edition. 


Sale to Order

You Made the Sale. Convert Quote to Order


ProofScout Build the Ad

Build the Ad to the Clients Request with Proofs


PageScout Open Page Layout Template

Select from Unlimited Templates you Have Prepared


Load Ads Within Edition

Autopaginate or Drag and Drop to your Liking.

export ad

Export Layout

Export Layout to be opened with ads automatically placed InDesign

creating layouts

Creating and Revising Layouts is EASY

Move pages, create sections, insert pages, add color, move and delete ads. PageScout is built in house and integrated in the all too familiar environment. If you see anything wrong, simply double click on the ad to correct the order, and voila, it is fixed!

Single Push to Open within InDesign

  • Embed hyperlinks with ad assets, naturally created from the advertiser account within AccountScout
  • Show missing ad links
  • Extract pages, available as both pdf and INDD
accountscout to indesign


Find “Marketing Integrations” in your settings now. Not there? Click “Activate” to start.

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