AccountScout + Mailchimp

Send email campaigns to your prospects.

Wondering who to call next?

Now you can make a list!

Send out new e-mail campaigns to your advertisers and contacts in AccountScout, or view past e-mail campaigns to see which advertisers and contacts opened/clicked your e-mails.

If you’re on a service contract, download the upgrade today to integrate AccountScout with Mailchimp.

Build a list.

Start building your audience by easily exporting advertisers to a readily made list in Mailchimp. Build groups and segments around your advertiser sets to personalize messages.

Checkout AccountScout in action.

Learn how you can join hundreds of companies using AccountScout to manage your media and newspaper company.

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Share your message.

Instantly send your message to thousands using AccountScout + Mailchimp integration. Setup automatic emails to welcome new subscribers and advertisers. 

Create activities.

Use messaging opens/clicks to find high-valued prospects. Create follow-up activities to bring more interest to your brand. Manage mass and personal emails using the AccountScout CRM. 


Checkout the following tutorials to get started.

Part 1 – Setting up the API Key.

Part 2 – Export advertisers and contacts to a new list or tag from AccountScout and send your first campaign.

Part 3 – View MailChimp campaign results within AccountScout and create activities for sales reps to follow-up or call.

Extra – Edit new MailChimp subscriber list pre-set default settings.

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