Mailchimp Campaigns

Campaigns in Mailchimp

A Mailchimp Campaign consists of three different elements: the setup, the audience, and the design.

The setup consists of the following:

  • Name of your email: This is an internal label for you to classify this email campaign,
  • Email subject: This is the email subject that should entice your recipient to open the email and learn more.
  • Preview text: The text that follows the subject. It typically is a snippet of what the email entails.
email preview text
  • From name and address: The name that will be seen in the inbox, followed by the email address the email was sent from.

The Audience is the group of recipients receiving the email. This list will be exported from AccountScout’s Marketing Campaign Tool. With the seamless export, you can create tags and lists to manage your audience tabs. A tag is recommended to segment your audience into a smaller sub-group to get a more in-depth target. For example, I could create an audience for all my Prospects. Then I could create tags for each subgroup of Prospects. i.e. Past Advertisers, Service Industry, Retailer, Medical, etc. It is recommended to utilize Tags to narrow the target of each Prospect. It is important to know who they are and what they are interested in knowing. As of this posting, Mailchimp provides 2000 subscribers for free. Over time, it can be cost effective to understand and utilize tagging. 

The Design is the actual email. This will be designed in Mailchimp.

mailchimp block
  • In the content section, you can drag and drop blocks onto an email template to create your masterpiece. Each of the above options can be drag and dropped.
email design
  • The design section is for the page design. You can create the header, page, footer, colors, background, body, etc. All of the ‘behind the content’ for the email will be created in the Design section.
  • If you want to receive comments for your campaign, you can click Setup and send a test email to any email you’d like. If they give you any comments, you can view the comments in the comment section of the Design. This is for internal use only. 

Once setup, audience, and design are ready to go, you can send or schedule your email campaign. All of the results can be viewed in AccountScout’s Marketing Campaign Tool. Fake Brains is in the works of adding the email activity of each contact to the advertiser screen to see which campaigns have been sent to that specific advertiser. You can see any contacts specific action of any campaign from the advertiser screen.  This feature will be here soon. Be on the lookout.

Mailchimp templates


For any email you design in Mailchimp, you can “Save as Template”. See below image…

Mailchimp content

This can save you time by creating a header, footer, and design you like for all your emails. Then you can save it as a template, and access all these templates for future emails. It is completely editable in case you want to change text, images, or blocks.

I would recommend saving your different email designs as different templates.


Mailchimp audience

This is where all your “subscribers” are found. A subscriber is an email. If you manage your lists from AccountScout, you can easily export different subscribers to different Tags and Audiences as needed.


Mailchimp report

Reports show you all campaigns sent to a certain audience and the results. Rather than having to log into Mailchimp, your entire AccountScout team can access the clicks and opens directly within AccountScout. You can access this in AccountScout by going to Marketing Campaign tool –> Show Campaign results. Then use the dropdown to select the campaign you’d like to see the results from. See below image…

AccountScout Marketing Campaign tool
AccountScout Marketing campaign


Mailchimp Content Tools

The content tab shows you all the images, files, products, gifs, logos, etc. you have uploaded to MailChimp for any future or past campaigns.

Using Mailchimp and AccountScout

– Exporting subscribers, creating tags, creating audience’s and viewing results can all be done in AccountScout.

– Mailchimp is used for designing the email and sending it.

If you have any more questions about using Mailchimp and AccountScout’s integration, please contact We are happy to help you get integrated and leveraging this feature!Tags :

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