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Fake Brains Software implements efficient, cost-effective solutions into their daily activities. Yet, the best part about working for Fake Brains Software is the pride they take in their flagship product, AccountScout. AccountScout is handcrafted and made in-house with quality and efficiency in mind. The world is constantly changing, so we should too. Since all of us are working towards finding and implementing more efficient processes, the software people use every day either allows or inhibits these opportunities. Software should increase productivity, not frustration. AccountScout will increase productivity. I take pride in working on the Fake Brains team because we all take pride in the quality of our products. AccountScout is the nerve center for newspapers and media companies.

So What’s New?

AccountScout V2018 is released! AccountScout customers always have access to the most up-to-date features of AccountScout. In this version, we’ve added many features to increase productivity and efficiency by identifying successful factors that lead to profit, and presenting these factors directly to you. AccountScout V2018 new features include: the activity manager account tool, the append timestamp button, the ability to run manifest reports, and a new report 4.3.12.

The activity manager account tool is typically used by the manager, or anyone in charge of increasing productivity, yet also benefits individual users tracking their own tasks. This tool helps managers see all of the activities by any user in the system. Managers also can assign tasks to users and see their progress along the way. Assign daily, weekly, monthly, or annual tasks to each user. The activity manager account tool keeps track of all open and closed activities, and the managers can easily see the percentage complete by each user. This tool gives an idea of how the business is operating and the productivity of each worker. As many of our customers are aware, our reports and pages are very customizable so you can always have the opportunity to increase your efficiency.

The append timestamp feature allows users to add multiple layered notes within an individual activity. This helps other users have an idea of what is happening during an activity, and what was done, without having to create multiple activities for a single action. Additionally, the append timestamp helps you to keep a record and description of when each activity was modified before completion.

Next, let’s talk about the retail manifest report. With this report, you can see changes that were made after deadline. You can see any amendments or changes since the selected date or even time of day, for ads placed in any issue, both before and after deadline.

With this release, we’ve also added the capability to print other Retail Ad Copy image formats, such as JPG and PNG, whereas previously, the printing was constrained to only pdf from within AccountScout.

A minor change, yet a big bang, is the ability to search for clients by an email address. The search is possible on both the contact and advertiser email addresses. These new features were made by customer request.

Report 4.3.12 is the Classified Deadline Summary: This report is useful for estimating page counts for classification along with their contained “parent classifications.” Especially helpful for high volumed classified output, we’ve added a way for our customers to see the necessary space at deadline to help maximize the page plan, and reduce waste.

Many of the new features can seem overwhelming or confusing at first. Our team is here to help you each step of the way. For immediate assistance, we have many videos in our library to help you learn. If you need help using our newest features of AccountScout, our walk-through video is sure to help!

Fake Brains is constantly upgrading AccountScout to keep everything up to date with our customer desires. Our Lead Developer and Founder, Pat Pfeifer stated, “We are a fun, engaging team always looking for ways to be more efficient. I want AccountScout to reflect that productivity and efficiency. For the last 27 years, we have given hundreds of upgrades to our customers because we believe in helping them create sustainable success.”

This is a great summary of what it’s like to be on this amazing team. We work together to find and implement new ways to be productive. When you are a customer to Fake Brains, you are part of our team. We want to help you create sustainable success.

AccountScout is the nerve center for newspaper publishers. Sales, production, billing, retail, classified and legal, AccountScout does it all. You can be as productive as you are capable. Run in the cloud, on premise, or both. If you want more information on AccountScout, click here to learn more about our flagship product. Join thousands of others who implemented AccountScout to increase productivity and efficiency.

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